Plastic Strip Curtains & Plastic Strip Bulk Rolls

As part of the Viz-Pro Curtains range, we supply ready-made plastic strip curtains which come ready to install on a hanging plate system.

To clean plastic strip curtains, start by wiping off any dust with a dry cloth. Next remove them from their hanging system and soak in warm water for an hour. Wipe thoroughly and rehang.

A PVC plastic strip curtain is a versatile door, van or room divider, that offers access, while protecting against pests and debris. It’s also useful for allowing airflow, maintaining temperature and reducing noise.

Plastic strip curtains are a great solution for maintaining temperature- keeping both hot and cold air out.

In addition, it allows for easy passage into a space, without needing to close a door behind, which would result in heat loss.

Plastic strip curtains are used by a large range of industries and applications, including: warehouses; refrigerated transport; pest control; food preparation; data rooms and clean rooms.

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